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About Us


The bEginning

DMC Electric is a service-oriented electrical company that has been serving the state of Arizona for over 25 years.  It all began with a man, a drill, and a vision.  Dave started this company in 1991 with the determination to offer honest high-quality service at a respectable rate, all while taking care of his employees. Here we stand to this day!


The importance of community

DMC Electric is nothing with out our loyal employees and customers. 

We have built up the company around the idea of community.  This means we continuously serve one another so that everyone has their needs met. We take care of our clients so that we can take care of our employees, and we take care of our employees so that they take care of our customers. 


Let us do the heavy lifting

. We provide a professional level of expertise that results in a clean and beautiful product for our customers.  We live to serve and what we have to offer is an abundant electrical  knowledge and solid implementation of  that said knowledge. The end result is an illuminating experience that restores power to your business or home.